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Contribute, by funding promising projects, to improving the care and services offered to patients at Jean-Talon Hospital and to users of CHSLDs and CLSCs

of the Petite-Patrie-Villeray local service network.



This program aims to improve the physical health of patients at the Jean-Talon Hospital outpatient psychiatry clinic, through group activities that reduce anxiety or depressive symptoms and increase self-esteem and feelings of self-esteem. autonomy, while breaking the isolation of patients.

Accompaniment by massage is a unique human experience that allows the patient to reconnect with his body, to appreciate a soft and benevolent touch, to surrender with confidence to relaxation and sometimes even to indulge in sleep. 

Thong Nguyen

The purpose of this program is to encourage the staff of the Réseau local de la Petite-Patrie (RLS Petite-Patrie) to start, continue or improve training related to health.

Massage therapy


L’art-thérapie, c’est une pratique qui permet d’apprivoiser, d’extérioriser et de cheminer à travers les difficultés que l’on rencontre.

L’interaction avec l’art-thérapeute permet davantage de mettre des mots sur ce que l’on vit via l’utilisation des couleurs, des formes, des textures, etc.


The bistro

Established in 2018, the Foundation's Bistro's mission is to offer a complementary food service to that already offered by the hospital cafeteria. The profits generated by the Bistro allow the Foundation to finance the purchase of small equipment for the care teams.

The FHJT Market

The Foundation offers craftsmen and various businesses the opportunity to sell their products in the hospital. This activity is very appreciated by employees and visitors and allows the Foundation to finance its mission.

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