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Here you will find some testimonials from our donors and patients who have been treated in our facilities.

You too want to give a testimony, you just have to write to us here.

A stay in geriatric psychiatry

"I ended up in geriatric psychiatry, and it was the most meaningful and rewarding experience of my life in the company of the staff on the 8th floor, where I received excellent, almost personalized care with respect and human warmth. I'll never forget what I experienced there in the winter of 2022. I came out of it completely cured. It's essential for me to donate my time to the Jean-Talon Hospital Foundation, since it's so close to my home and medicine has always been a blessing and a concern for me, having trained as a nursing assistant for two and a half years.


Thank you to the health professionals at this hospital. My heart goes out to you!

Jocelyne Mailloux

A reassuring welcome

“Younger, I was rather reckless. I enjoyed trying skateboard stunts, despite my father's good advice. I have had a few fractures, which have always been treated here at Jean-Talon. The doctors always gave me the precautions to take to avoid coming back with similar problems.

Once, I was seriously injured. Fortunately, a passer-by helped me and called the ambulance to help me. It is from the mouth of a doctor who had already treated other of my  fractures at Jean-Talon that I learned that my collarbone was broken. After a series of x-rays, I learned that the injury was severe, but luckily the bone was broken so that it was not going to require further manipulation for healing. I was very lucky.

Today, I thank the Jean-Talon Hospital for welcoming me and treating me like a member of the family. And today, I teach my children to take extra precautions!

Thanks everyone! "

Jonathan Daigneault

A place of healing 



I had my chemotherapy upstairs with Dr Khoury and his amazing staff. I cannot tell you how happy I am for the absolutely fantastic care I have received from everyone involved since it all started in May.


Dr Khoury has been there for every chemo visit, so positive and friendly in the hospital before and after my two surgeries. I was deeply impressed that he and his staff, Francine, Ghyslaine, Bernice, Anna and even the pharmacist, took the time to explain everything to me and answer my questions, even sometimes over the phone. In radiology and in the ER too, I expected the employees to be highly trained, but the big surprise was the way they accompanied us, care after care, my husband and I, during a very stressful time. It makes a big difference when you have concerns as a patient.


My last chemo was on December 1st and I am very confident to start my new life. I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the incredible treatment I have received from everyone. Your hospital is a place of healing where I don't feel anxious. On the contrary, when I walk through the doors, a feeling of calm comes over me and I feel at peace.


Thank you,


Sally Cory Okker

A family affair



I have volunteered at the Jean-Talon Hospital Foundation for 24 years now. It is also here that I do my medical follow-up. Last year I had problems with my heart and lungs and was hospitalized from December to April. Spending Christmas in the hospital is not the best thing that can happen, but with a little patience, everything will work out. What helped me the most through this difficult time was the friendliness of the staff. They made me laugh, they made me dance, and I was even told: "don't let her go, she's our best!" ". People here take the time to do things, to make things easier. They adapt to patients, even those who are less pleasant. Having had the opportunity to be treated elsewhere, I can say that it was at the Jean-Talon Hospital that I felt the best. Almost like home. Here, we feel that people are listening, that they know their work and that they do not go backwards.


I'm a little worried about my heart and my bronchial tubes, but I feel safe because my doctors don't let go of me. If I have something wrong, they will definitely notice. I am lucky to have such good people around and I still have a lot of fun chatting with people and spending time with my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Thank you for everything,


Gisèle Réhel-Thériault

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